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Infernal Conjuration added to Nuclear War Now! Fest VI

Last show of the year Infernal Conjuration & Canada's Revenge have been added to NUCLEAR WAR NOW! FESTIVAL VOLUME VI Due to unresolvable travel complications, StarGazer will be unable to perform at the upcoming Nuclear War Now! Fest Volume VI in Tijuana, Mexico. In their place, however, Revenge (Can), will bring their militant black metal to Mexico for the first time.

NUCLEAR WAR NOW! FESTIVAL VOLUME VI December 2nd and 3rd, 2022 Tijuana Mexico Black Box Venue While awaiting the next installment of Never Surrender Fest, currently planned for winter 2023, Nuclear War Now! Productions, in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Born for Burning Productions, is honored to present NWN! Fest Vol. VI. Held for the first time in North America, the sixth NWN! assault will occur on December 2-3, 2022, in Tijuana, Mexico, showcasing some of the most prominent bands affiliated with the label from all over the world, including: Blasphemy (Canada) Mystifier (Brazil) Revenge (Canada) Death Worship (Germany/Canada) Diocletian (New Zealand) Masacre (Colombia) Witches Hammer (Canada) Xibalba (Mexico) Cenotaphe (France) Sex Messiah (Japan) Ares Kingdom (USA) Black Witchery (USA) Volahn (USA) Morbosidad (Mex/USA) Cemetery Lights (USA) Vengeance Sorcery (USA) Pan-Amerikan Native Front (USA) Caveman Cult (USA) Siege Column (USA) Bloody Vengeance (Germany) Infernal Conjuration (Mexico)

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