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2019 LP


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Infernale Metallum Mortis

(Iron Bonehead Productions)


Infernal Conjuration has a particular aspect to the likes of Sadistic Intent and Shub Niggurath, the cruel and wicked methods of this debut album is brought by the extreme quality of old school death metal in general. In addition, the rapid tempos of brutal thrash metal are simultaneously fitted to overall sound. The firm and fundamental attachment to thrash metal in general adds a dynamic boost to tracks on the album. And apart from the precise description, there are many moments where the band resembles the early sound of Morbid Angel. 

Infernale Metallum Mortis is an ungodly record, loaded with infectious riffs and constant energetic drum performance. The solid interpretation of guitar work and fascinating approach to songwriting makes this album one of the best records of 2019. The fierce tonality is mainly determined by the strong effect of the tempo changes. Infernale Metallum Mortis is truly a classic death metal record that finds itself attached to the old school death metal style of the Latin American bands.

The powerful dynamic and the sudden shifts in tempo have a unique and captivating effect. And it seems that the band has analyzed how to attain the old school technique of death metal. Each of the riff patterns of the songs are genuinely fitted to the primary style of bands such as Morbid Angel, and in many ways I find the riffs on the debut album a counterpart to the Altars of Madness album. The harsh vocals for example remind me off David Vincent’s style of growling, yet there are some melodic and slow sections where the band uses some elements of doom metal as well. 

The opening track Dreadful Knowledge is built on striking guitars, which have an aggressive tone and wicked vocals. The guitars are beyond the normal degree. They are played fast and chaotic propped by hyperactive drum performance. The typical quality of the record is filed by the evil atmosphere that spreads, the rapid intensity of tracks like Profound Immortality where the blistering solos are performed with agility. 

Infernale Metallum Mortis has many raw components from thrash and death metal, the early style of Sepultura. The impact of the twisted riffs shows how the band can write effectual songs, and they’re effectually and skillfully performed. Cleansed in Asphyxia is stemmed by catchy guitar lines, Infernal Conjuration evokes the slow and vicious doom elements. The drums are violent and destructive as if all the members were touched by evil spirits. Infernal Conjuration gives a pedagogic lessons on how to play old school metal. In a way the album has the spirit of 80’s raw metal.

Emmanuel Luna provides some sick and morbid growls at a great level of intensity on Necrolatria ( A Los Muertos Blasfemos ). It is brimmed with demonic experience from the frightful moments, which are mainly fulfilled by the wicked growls and dreadful riffs. Infernale Metallum Mortis is ultimately fast and brutal. Each track hits hard and straightforward, In The Presence Of Another World is one of the tracks that repose to the evil binding rhythm of the dual guitar. Infernal Conjuration are an ideal paragon of old school death metal, and once again the Latin American metal bands prove how they can accomplish their style through the raw principles of metal. Sonically, the band has a tremendous power of shifting from the Morbid Angel tone to the solid barbarity of Sadistic Intent.  
The death/thrash metal rampage continues on tracks Demonic Procession and Tremendous Plague where the drums proceed rapidly with loudness while the solos are manically fired. Infernale Metallum Mortis is fueled by the ferocity of the sharp guitar riffs, the sick wicked growls and vigor concentration of the drums. The final track Ultimatum is a rapid blast of energy loaded with death/thrash attacks and fulfilled vigorously.

2014 EP


Anchor 2


Death Has Appeared...

(Utterly Somber Creations)


“Death Has Appeared” is a mini LP from an old fashioned thrash death metal band formed in 2006 and hailing from Mexico. After being involved and following the thrash, death and black metal movements for over 25 years I suspect, every time I hear a band claiming they belong to the underground circuit, that they are talentless musicians who are here only to offer endless noise with which they try to cover, using the veil of the “underground”, their lack of skills and talent. Thank goodness INFERNAL CONJURATION have nothing to do with such a thing. I really, deeply enjoyed their material and in fact I listened to it four times in a row before sitting to write this presentation. Their sound is indeed underground, a bit “muddy” without any polishing or exaggerations, while the riffs are basically fast, ominous and infernal. The vocals heavily reminded me of the almighty POSSESSED and deeply touched me. After all, there still is pureness and faith in raw metal. Well done guys!!!"

- George  Kefalas - Behind The Veil from Greece

2010 EP



Avto De Fe

(Blood Harvest Records)


It's South American Death Metal time with INFERNAL CONJURATION's 2nd output, a 7'' EP to be released through Swedish Blood Harvest Records. As follow up to their cool "Tremendous Plague" demo this new release goes in the same direction: old school Death Metal with a huge dose of South American rawness. This time I even feel that the influence of old SARCOFAGO (I.N.R.I.-era) and MYSTIFIER is quite high during the songs next to the mentioned influences from my review of their demo (old SEPULTURA, POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL or SADISTIC INTENT). 'Avto De Fe' is not only the title of this 7" EP, it's the intro of this release and hypnotizing us with its final Christian Latin sentence "In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti" before the crude old school massacre starts with the first real song 'Demonic Possession'. A fast tune, raw and crude with a huge South American Death Metal vibe. Whereas the guitar work is very good and the vocals are just killing I have some complaints about the rather untight drumming here. Next is the 2nd and last full song called 'Zatanazombie' which starts quite atmospheric until their singer Emmanuel screams out the contrary to the start of 'Demonic Possession': "In nomine dei nostri satanas, luciferi excelsi" and after that the brutal force rages supreme again. It's amazing stuff here, as I said the drums could be more tight and the sound isn't really top notch, nevertheless a brutal piece of South American massacre is left and the right dose for you old school maniacs out there and another prove for the right choice from Rodrigo / Blood Harvest to release a 7" EP with this cool band. Available at Bandcontact through their myspacepage

Thomas Ehrmann

2007 Demo-Tape



Tremendous Plague



A Mexican newcomer delivering us old school Death Metal mentioning influences from bands as DEATH, AUTOPSY, PESTILENCE, MORGOTH, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, SEPULTURA, DEICIDE, SADISTIC INTENT or GOREFEST. Well, not the worst bands if you ask me. INFERNAL CONJURATION is a Mexican Death Metal band which started in 2006 with their brand of South American Death Metal. I was always a huge fan of South American Death Metal, just take bands as SHUB NIGGURATH, THE CHASM, MORTEM or NECROCCULTUS and you should know what I'm talking about. INFERNAL CONJURATION surely don't reinvent the wheel, but especially considering the fact that this is their first demo I have to admit that this recording impressed me quite a lot. None of these South American Death Metal bands were technically skilled so much, but even more important than their musicianship was to create a certain atmosphere and that's what I found here, too. Probably INFERNAL CONJURATION still need another demo tape before recording a first album, but talking for myself I will give them the time and will follow this cool band and will see how they develop. To be honest, it's far more interesting and worth your money to support a band like this than your average Death Metal recording you find in every store. Get in touch with them directly this way and ask for the price of "Tremendous Plague": or

Thomas Ehrmann



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